Booking Conditions


Scheduled Destination Booking
Free:up to 12 hours before departure
100% of the fare: Within 12 hours before departure


Free waiting time for all Scheduled pick-up locations except the airport: 15 minutes from the agreed pick-up time
Free waiting time for Scheduled airport pickup (only if flight number is given): 60 minutes, starting from actual landing.
Economy light: 30 minutes, starting from actual landing.
*Country-specific deviations for scheduled rides (Taiwan 60 minutes)

MEETING POINT WITH THE DRIVER FOR AIRPORT PICK-UP (only if flight number is specified)

The driver will contact you.

Stop-offs Scheduled Destination Booking

Taiwan: Click + Add stop in the booking page
Location other than Taiwan: Stop-offs are possible if the request is indicated in the "Special requirements" field under PASSENGER DETAILS and confirmed in writing by the travel service provider. A spontaneous stop-off on site will be possible only with the driver's agreement.

*Country-specific deviations for scheduled rides
GERMANY Shuttle, TYROL/SOUTH TYROL Shuttle, SPAIN - Minibus Ibiza + Tenerife
Stop-offs are not possible.

Baby seat/baby cushion

Safety regulations will follow the legislation of the country in which the trip takes place. If you are travelling with a child, please indicate in ‘other service’ on the booking page. Not including this information may result in violation of regulations. The trip may not be carried out, and the trip will be fully charged.


Animals are not allowed in the vehicle.