Maximum comfort. You get a spacious cabin with plenty of leg room front and back, plus available leather-trimmed seating designed to help you stretch out and relax. And with versatile rear seats that split and fold forward.

4 passenger
Max. Capacity
2 luggage
Maximum luggage allow

  • Offering 625 litres - top of the class in the automotive mid-class segment.
  • Two sturdy hooks on the side of the back trunk are designed to hang items or baggage, which would otherwise be unstable.
  • Leather seats.
  • Bottle holder in door panelling.
  • Easy-open cup holder.
  • Tablet holder in the rear.
Vehicle category
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4 2

4 2

8 10

7 6

Standard 4Seat(Superb,Jetta,Mondeo)

First Class 4Seat(Mercedes S,BMW 5)

Business Travel 8Seat(Crafter)

Business Van 7 Seat(Caravelle)

Economy 4Seat(Camry,Teana,Focus)

Economy Light 3Seat(Altis,Yaris,Fortis)