Q & A

What is your cancellation policy?

Scheduled Destination Booking


Free:up to 12 hours before departure

100% of the fare: Within 12 hours before departure

Location other than Taiwan:

Free:up to 24 hours before departure

100% of the fare: Within 24 hours before departure

How much luggage can I take in the vehicle with me?

Each Driways product and booking class offers different luggage capacity.

This information is displayed at the time of booking, when selecting your Driways product and booking class.

What vehicles do you have?

Driways offers a variety of booking classes according to the area, so you can choose the right vehicle to fit your needs.

During the booking process, after you have selected your pickup time and location,
you will be able to see the different offered models for each class as well as the number of passengers and bags they can carry.

However, these and the vehicle images shown on our platform strictly serve as illustrative examples of the class of vehicle that will be used – please keep in mind regional differences are possible. Different Booking Conditions might apply to different Driways products and booking classes.

How are prices calculated?

Prices shown on our platform are all-inclusive rates.

Prices can vary by city, date and time and many other factors, including demand.

How can I register my corporate company?

As a Corporate, you can visit Corporate Service page.

I forgot my password. what should I do?

You can reset your password by click log in page-Forget Password .

When will you confirm my booking?

After completion of payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email immediately.

How do I make a booking?

Using either our website or app, you begin by entering the pickup and drop-off address, date and time of your trip.

In the next step, you can select a Driways product and booking class – each with differing passenger and luggage capacities – and be given a price which includes VAT. After making your request, you can either continue by registering, logging in your account or continue as a guest.

The next step is to enter the passenger’s ride and payment details – special requirements, flight number, number of passengers, credit card.

Note that, if you do not provide your flight number, the driver will not be able to track your flight and adjust the pickup time accordingly. You will then receive an email with your booking confirmation.

How do I change a booking?

Flight numbers and special requirements can be easily changed on our website through your profile.

On your profile’s drop down menu click on ‘My Orders’ to see all your bookings and select the booking you wish to change.

Once you have selected the ride you wish to change, you will be able to edit both the flight number and the ‘special requirements’ fields. Please remember to save any changes with the ‘confirm’ button.

Changes that affect the pickup time or the pickup/drop-off location can only be done by first cancelling the original booking on our website or app, and then rebooking through the same channel. You can do this through your profile by entering the section ‘Paid Ride’ and selecting the ride you wish to change/cancel.

You will first need to cancel by clicking the ‘Cancel Ride’ button. Once the cancellation is confirmed, you will be asked “Are you sure you want to cancel the ride?” and one of the options will be ‘Reschedule this ride’: by clicking on it you will be redirected to the home.

How far in advance will I receive my driver’s contact details?

You will receive sms message or email with the details of the driver which will perform the service within one hour before the pickup time of your booking.

What time should I book my airport pickup to start?

When you book an airport pickup, and you want the driver to track the flight, you will need to provide us with the flight number in the corresponding field.

Therefore, you can select your flight's landing time as the scheduled pickup time.

Please do NOT indicate a flight number if you require a specific pickup time, even at airports.

In this case, include the exact terminal and gate in the bookings special requirements field.

It is important for all types of bookings to consider that drivers must drive according to road and traffic conditions and cannot guarantee drop-off times.

For this reason, users are responsible for booking a pickup time that allows sufficient time to travel to their drop off location.

We recommend using tools such as Google Maps to calculate the approximate duration of your planned trip, in addition to leaving yourself some extra time to allow for unexpected delays.

Can I book a service with multiple pickup and drop-off addresses?

Scheduled Destination Booking: Stop-offs are possible if the request is indicated in the "Special requirements" field under PASSENGER DETAILS and confirmed in writing by the travel service provider. A spontaneous stop-off on site will be possible only with the driver's agreement.

*Country-specific deviations for scheduled rides
GERMANY Shuttle, TYROL/SOUTH TYROL Shuttle, SPAIN - Minibus Ibiza + Tenerife
Stop-offs are not possible.

How can I cancel a booking?

All cancellation requests must be made through your profile.

In your profile drop down menu, you will see ‘Ride history & receipts’, where you will be able to filter by status ‘Upcoming’.

Once you select the ride you wish to cancel, you will be able to d o so by clicking on ‘Cancel Ride’.

Where will my driver meet me?

The driver will contact you.

I can’t find my driver, what do I do?

If the driver is not available, please call our customer service team on +886 2-2796-5668.

What happens if my flight has been cancelled or diverted?

All cancellation requests and change must be made through your profile.

In case we do not manage to reach you, or no alternative arrangement has been made from your side,the User is still obligated to pay the full price of the Service Agreement.

I’ve lost a valuable in one of your vehicles. how do I get it back?

Our drivers are required to check their vehicle after every completed booking.

Therefore, if any item has been left behind it should be safely retrieved.

However, we assume no liability for lost or damaged personal items left in any vehicle on our bookings.

We advise you to get in touch with the driver as soon as you realize that you are missing something.

If the driver is not available, please call our Customer Service Team on +886 2-2796-5668. We will help you coordinate the recovery of your lost item.

How do you define a customer no-show?

If the User or passenger does not show up within the advertised grace period after the agreed pickup time (or scheduled arrival time) at the agreed pickup location, and neither informs Driways via telephone or is contactable via the telephone number provided in the booking, the User is still obligated to pay the full price of the Service Agreement.

The no-show will be confirmed once the agreed waiting time for the selected Driways booking class has expired.

What shall I do if i am late?

We advise you to get in touch with your driver as soon as possible to inform them.

If your driver is not available, please call our Customer Service Team (+886 2-2796-5668).

How long will my driver wait for me?

Each Driways booking Service type includes a different amount of waiting time.

Am I allowed to smoke in the vehicle?

No, it is strictly prohibited to smoke in the vehicle.

How do I leave feedback on a service?

Our 24 hour Customer Service Team will be happy to assist you at driways@driways.com.tw

What payment options do I have?

We accept payments via credit & debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We do not accept cash payments.

Do I need to tip the driver?

No: our rates are inclusive of full driver remuneration.

However, if you feel you have received an outstanding service, feel free to offer an additional tip to your driver.

Which currency is used for payments and invoicing?

Payment can be made in NTD, depending on where the trip takes place.

The currency will be displayed throughout the whole booking process.

When do I get charged for my booking?

We will charge your credit card when booking process is completed.

If you cancel your booking earlier than cancellation fees occur, we will fully refund.

When and how can I check an invoice?

Electronic-invoice will be sent to the email you registered in our system.

If you need to revise the invoice, please notify us within 7 days upon receipt of email.